Guests were invited to arrive in fancy dress costumes and knew the aspiring thespian birthday girl Claire quite well. However, no-one quite expected what would greet them for this special 21st birthday party dinner! An unrecognisable function room was fully transformed from its dated decor to a starlit wrapped white voile draped room. The individual bespoke table decorations were the talking point. It was the attention to detail for this party that really took the guests’ breath away. The table themes consisted of; Alice in Wonderland, Nostalgia, Music, Circus, Casino & Theatre. A truly unique dining experience.

I know i’ve said it a million and one times, but I thought I would email you both and say thank you officially! haha. The effort you put into this project was so amazing so thank you for that and thank you for making my 21st absolutely incredible and so special! You went above and beyond on my hopes and image for the party and I am so grateful! It was such a pleasure to work with you both, you are such awesome guys! hope to work with you again soon!

CE, Surrey


Table Designs


Set vase with dolls house furniture hanging upside down and inside out (to represent falling down the rabbit hole) which was uplit by Blue/yellow morphing lights. An array of colourful wild flowers (& small tree) exploding out the top of the fishbowl centrepiece with LED lights and theatrical elements.
An astroturf table sash with daisy’s (Representing Grass) and blue material was draped over the table.
Sprigs of large pieces of grass and daisies were placed around the table and glassware.
Props scattered around the table such as ‘drink me’ bottles, playing cards, little white rabbits, birds, pocket watches, cups and saucers etc.. for everyone to look and play with.
Colour scheme: Blue, white & natural ochre colours.


Tall glass vase with mirrored centre base had hanging coloured cassettes inside which was lit by LED morphing lights. An array of colourful flowers exploding out the top of the vase with LED lights and other theatrical elements. A colourful table sash provided the finishing touch. Props from the 90’s were also scattered around the table including images from the 90’s for everyone to look and play with. Colour scheme: Pink, yellow, red & blue.


A set vase full of casino items such as dice, cards, LED lights, chips on a mirrored centre base. A palm exploding out the top of the vase with LED lights with other theatrical elements. Green table sash.
Deck of cards at each set table place, with individual chips and dice.
Small roulette table. Colour scheme: Green, red, black, white, yellow.


Tablecloth: Gold/bronze Metallic tablecloth scattered with vinyl’s and CD’s
Inside the Vase: One large cylindrical vase, with printed insert to look like squashed in CD’s & Tapes inside the vase.
Top of Vase: Records exploding out of the top of the vase.
The mirrored base plate under the vase with morphing led lights up lighting the vase.
CD’s/ Tapes/ pink feather boa/ microphones/ record, lady gaga glasses & props around the table to play with.

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