Gilly and Rich contacted us requiring help with the lighting, entertainment and production for their wedding reception. They had chosen their wedding venue, the beautiful Audley’s Wood in Hampshire and they asked us to transform their daytime wedding breakfast and evening reception through stunning lighting design. Naturally, we accepted the challenge!


The Solution

The wedding breakfast was held in the venue’s marquee and we used LED uplighters around the perimeter walls to create a subtle pink glow, taking the edge of the white marquee linings. This produced a beautiful, soft lighting effect and created a lovely atmosphere to share with their loved ones. We also assisted the wedding couple’s florist, Jay Archer, with rigging solutions for her centre piece hanging design.

The evening reception took place in the stunning main building, which we gave a new lease of life with more beautiful lighting! LED uplighters surrounded the perimeter, whilst intelligent lighting, controlled by our lighting designer, lit the band and DJ.

The outdoor grounds were washed with colour; our vision was to give a sense of depth to the gardens, which were vast, but at night would disappear into the darkness. We lit the trees with washes of green light, which gave depth at night and created a beautiful view out of the Victorian hunting lodge windows at night.


Outdoor lighting washed the building in colour
Wireless indoor uplighters created a warm atmosphere inside
Intelligent moving lights on plinths provided stunning visual lighting for dancing
Stage lighting ensured the band looked fantastic
DJ played the perfect playlist
Stylish dancefloor for all guests to dance!

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