Bring Las Vegas to Surrey and recreate it in a marquee? Not a problem for MGN events. We set up a 20m x 9m marquee in the grounds, cleverly incorporating a water feature and foliage. Clear walls provided a view of the interior as guests arrived and created plenty of excitement and anticipation. The wow factor began from the moment of arrival and was enhanced by external lighting effects and continued by walking through a VIP entrance, complete with roped area and red carpet.

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The Vegas themed marquee

Inside, the marquee was themed in red and black to create a rich and plush club environment. Distinct areas were set up, including a club lounge, dance area, bar and, of course, casino. Nightclub lighting, with intelligent moving lights, wireless uplighters, lasers and vertical smoke jets ensured guests would enjoy a fantastic party atmosphere, dancing to a top DJ. Playboy Bunnies, who served drinks and canapés, added an authentic feel.

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