Waitrose approached MGN events to provide and run a back to school sports day for 150 of its staff.

Excerpt from Waitrose Chronicle news:

Wind and rain didn’t stop Partners giving it all they’ve got in the annual sports day. More than 150 participants from 15 branches spent a day at Esher Rugby Club competing in a variety of challenges including a tug of war, egg and spoon race, sack race and space hopper jump. And after a day of fierce competition it was Weybridge, which was crowned the winning branch. “Waitrose Weybridge was determined to win so we made sure we brought our supporters along to encourage the team to do just that,” says PCM Robert Navarro. “The day started off very cold and very wet but as mentioned it did not stop either the competitors or their supporters from attending a very well organised event.”

At the end of the day winning teams took to a podium to collect certificates to take back to branch. “I’m pleased all the Partners thoroughly enjoyed the day,” says BM Peter Hook who organised the day with help from MGN events.


Services Provided

Event Management
School Sports Day Activities
Egg & Spoon Race
Tug of War
Sack Race
3 Legged Race
Space Hopper Race
Picnic Rugs
Event Staff

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