As part of a promotional activity, our client had planned a series of public events where people could enjoy impromptu sunset experiences – with optimum dates determined by meteorologists – at various outdoor and rooftop venues, complete with a free bottle of beer.

This was a great idea, inspired by flash mobs and pop-up events, and one that company employees should also be able to enjoy. We gave the communal area of the Woking office a tropical feel with palm trees, sun shades, beachballs and a seascape backdrop, creating an ideal environment in which to convey what that particular beer brand represents.


The Solution

We created an untouched and clean beach panorama; symbolising our dream setting to enjoy a refreshing Corona with lime and also demonstrating our commitment to the Corona x Parley clean waves initiative, which we amplified even further with tropical house music to coincide with Corona’s Sunsets music festivals.


Following the successful execution of this event and the overwhelmingly positive response from our people, I think our brand should definitely consider doing this more often and in more of our offices.

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