Our client, a global customer experience specialist, felt that holding a virtual event to celebrate the end of the year was less a necessity caused by Covid-19 and more a fantastic opportunity for the company to unite its offices all over the world – and we were able to help our client take full advantage.

We planned and organised three identical three-hour events that would be run over two days, due to different time zones, and across three geographic regions – Asia-Pacific (APAC), North, Central & South America (AMER) and Europe.



During each event guests competed in a company game show, participated in a masterclass and watched a virtual magic show, and each session was facilitated by a professional virtual event host. To ensure that everyone would have the same experience, our suppliers were consistent across all three events, one of which had a start time of 6am GMT!

The game show was totally bespoke and designed and produced by MGN for our client. Delivered through an app, it included questions about the company and its corporate branding for a fun and interactive blend of company knowledge and more general questions. For the masterclass, guests could choose to join a mocktail/cocktail session or learn how to make origami baubles. Chosen ahead of time, everyone had received a shopping list of readily available items so that they could make sure they had all the necessary equipment.

The MGN production team was involved in all the pre-production along with production management of the live event. This included the creation of branded animation graphics used to open and close the event, as well as holding graphics – resulting in high production values, ensuring a slick event and a great experience for everyone.

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