About Olive + Piper


Welcome to olive + piper, where we keep you shiny and confident, everyday! ✨

At olive + piper, we create timeless, classic and feminine pieces for our #oandpgirls that make you feel confident and beautiful. Whether it's for everyday style, or those special moments that create some of life's best memories, we're here for you. We design jewelry you can wear through any season, while mixing in our favorite of-the-moment trends. Whether you're looking for stud earringsstatement earrings, luxe bracelets, pendant necklaces or wedding jewelry for your big day, our pieces are easy-to-wear, versatile, and affordable…all with our signature touch of luxe!


Our Jewelry

Our jewelry is designed right here in our Vancouver studio! Three years in, we started learning how to create our own designs because we really wanted to be able to control the materials and quality of each piece you wear. Most of our designs are crafted with 14K gold plating or silver-toned plating, glass crystals, cubic zirconia, hypoallergenic, and nickel free materials.




The Team

Nice to meet you, this is us! Behind O&P is a small but mighty female founded, women-led and women-powered team that's working hard to keep you feeling confident and looking your best! 


The Beginning


Sometime in 2012, after trying to turn a few hobbies into a business (and failing), I started another side project to keep myself busy. I had wanted to start an online store for a while, mostly because I wanted to see if I could do it at all. I had some work experience in e-commerce and loved jewelry (I worked at Aldo part-time and my entire paycheck went to buying jewelry and food). So I decided to give it a go - an online jewelry store. In October that year, I launched olive + piper, with a couple thousand dollars, a handful of products and a degree in Sciences.  


At the time, I was working a full time job, and a year later, I was so over it and really desperate to get out. I couldn't find a new job fast enough, so I decided to quit. And I did. (I kept it a secret from my parents for half a year.... because quitting your job without a back-up plan, savings, and having just moved out is completely irresponsible!)

I kept applying for jobs but no one hired me and I literally had no income. So I spent my time working on olive + piper instead. A lot of my motivation was fuelled by being sick of eating boiled cabbage for dinner and a fear of losing my home (and then having to tell my parents what I did).

Over time, things slowly picked up, although it was unpredictable. There would be good days, followed by weeks where I thought to myself wtf and just cried. Fast forward, a few years later, we managed to make it to where we are - all thanks to you and your support. You literally kept me alive. And today, I'm proud to have an incredible team of women to work, grow, and laugh with.

I've always loved jewelry. I think it can do so much for you. Jewelry can can so easily change up a look, and also change how you feel about yourself. It's the finishing touch and that extra boost of confidence. So thanks for being here, reading this and joining us on this journey. Now back to work to bring you your next favorite bauble. ;)